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Подбор по параметрам

Подбор по параметрам

  • Продукт: 230DASD
  • Модель: 230DASD

AC 230 DASD Slewing Type Tree Transplanters Are Able To:

  • Dig out the necessary hole for tree by itself.
    Uproot the tree without giving harm in a very short time.
    Transfer the uprooted tree on the machine.
    Plant tree by extending booms right, left and rear sides of the truck to center the tree sensitevely.
    Do the irrigation that is necessary at the time of uprooting and planting by means of the water tank and pump equipped with the machine.

The manufacturing of AC 230 DASD slewing type tree transplanter has been performed for the first time in the world by our company and presented to our environmentally friendly clients. AC 230 DASD slewing type tree transplanter has great tasks in transportation of trees for municipality works and city landscapes. It serves in more than half of 81 cities of Turkey and in the various countries in the world that we have exported. AC 230 DASD slewing type tree transplanter is able to transplant the trees which have 30 cm. tree trunk diameter. This machine is designed to protect environment and to bequeath trees to the next generations. 

Did You Know ?

A beech tree which is at the age of 100 years old is able to reach approximately 20 metre length and 12 meter top width. It can increase the area that it covered ten fold, from 120 m2 to 1200 m2 with it’s more than 600.000 leafs. This beech tree exchanges oxygen in 15.000 m2 area, in other words in the are which is equal to two football stadium by means of it’s leaf tissue pores. In a sunny day, beech tree processes 9.400 liter which is equal to 18 kg. carbon dioxide. 36.000 m3 air is being filtered by leafs in an environment which is in %0,03 carbon dioxide rate. Beech tree filters most of the bacteriums, dust and other harmful substances in the air. In a day, this tree evaporates 400 liter water and humidifies the air, on the other hand, it provides 13 kg. oxygen which is equal to 10 people’s oxygen need. In the same day, it produces 12 kg. sugar which is beneficial for organic substances. It saves some of this sugar as farina and uses the others in order to configure its trunk. A lack which emerges because of cutting a beech for some reasons like constructions, investments can be recovered by 2000 plants which have 1m3 trunk. The cost of this is approximately 150.000 Euro

Dasd Diyagramı

Technical Specifications
Root Ball With  (C)2300 mm
Root Ball Depth  (D)1550 mm
Tree Trunk Diameter300 mm
Number of Spades4
Slewing AngleSonsuz / Endless
Transportation Height4150 mm
Extended Radius  (L)5800 mm
Water Tank CapacityMax 500 lt.
Water Pump12-24 Volt
System Pressure280 bar
Spade MaterialHardox 400 / Reax 400-450
Truck Specification8x4
Distance Between front and Rear Axle  (E)Minimum 5100 mm